Between a Rock and a Political Choice

Why Gay Mormon Life?

For those of you who started following my blog when I first began it, you may recall that the original name of the blog was the Gay Mormon Republican. I decided to change the name to Gay Mormon Life because I didn’t want politics to be one of my focus points, even tho I am very passionate about the subject. I also decided to change the name because, like most Americans, my views constantly evolve as time passes. I have values and beliefs that are in line with both political parties, and no matter which candidate I vote for I will be sacrificing something. (For the record, this will probably be one of the only posts I will write about politics.)



I mentioned to a friend the other day that as gays, we are in a lose-lose situation. Either we vote for a better economy but unequal rights, or we vote for a lousy, sinking economy but have more equal rights. Being able to marry Braeden in any state we want, and being treated as equals every where we go in this great country is one of my greatest desires. I think everyone feels that way. No one wants to be told that everyone can do something, but you cannot simply because you are different. On the other hand, what good is the right to marry if the economy is in such terrible shape that I can’t take care of my family, find a job, or be successful.



I feel trapped in a place where we are supposed to feel free. I feel put down and shut up by those who believe their beliefs trump all others. These feelings are multiplied by a certain degree when put into the light of politics. This election cycle, like many if not all of the others, is full of lies, distortion, and character attacks. I don’t think either candidate, Obama or Romney, are bad people. I honestly believe that they want to help America progress and to help every American be successful. BUT I also know that the progress that has happened the past four years is far less than ideal. I also know that if I vote to change the course, and Romney does get elected, the economy may improve, but the dream of having equal rights will be put on hold indefinitely.

Decisions, Decisions

No matter what decision I make between the two candidates, I know that I will not be happy with it.  I am sure that there are millions of people, many of whom have already made up their minds on who to vote for, who are struggling just like I am. Not all are gay, not all feel that their rights are being threatened, but these people are forced to choose the lesser of two evils (for lack of a better phrase).

As For Me                               Image

As for me, I am not going to vote for either of the candidates. I don’t know much about the third parties, but i have decided to do some research and to choose one of them to vote for. I know there are some who support Gay Marriage, and believe in smaller government. Those who will stop the massive growth of the country’s debt and deficit, and will hold the rights of ALL Americans, black, white, male, female, religious,  non-religious, straight, or LGBT, with the utmost and equal respect.


Who are you voting for and why? Please make a response in the “Leave a Reply” section below!


2 responses to “Between a Rock and a Political Choice

  1. Jon , I feel the exact same way you do. It’s like we’re between a rock and a hard spot! I don’t think I want to be accountable for either way! Tammy

    • Tammy! Thanks for responding! I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels this way. It will be my first time voting in any election so I’m trying to take it pretty seriously. I heard from a friend about a third-party debate that airs online during the Obama and Romney debates. The third-party candidates get the chance to answer the same questions that the Republican and Democrat candidates answer. It should be pretty interesting to watch after the next debates. Thanks again for commenting! Braeden and I will have to stop by soon to say hi and so you can meet him! Love, Jon

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